Web of Things Testbed (WoTT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is emerging as a global-scale network composed by billions of extremely heterogeneous connected devices, in terms of processing capabilities and network access technologies, deployed pervasively to enable the development of innovative applications. Interoperability among IoT devices will be ensured by the adoption of IP-based protocol stacks, on top of which standard application-layer protocols will enable high-level interactions. Due to the great number of deployed objects and the inherent difficulty and costs to perform maintenance, it is important to test applications before the installation of smart objects in production environments. The Web of Things Testbed (WoTT) is an application-oriented IoT testbed developed in the University of Parma by the Wireless Ad-hoc Sensor Networks laboratory. It comprises more than 50 nodes within our department, aiming at providing a stable, open, and evolving infrastructure to be used as a basis for future IoT applications. Significant development features, such as service discovery, human interactions and user localization can be tested within the WoTT.